A discarded car seat takes up a lot of room in the landfill.  There are responsible ways to dispose of it.

The plastic and metal are recyclable.  The straps and padding are not and should be discarded.  Here are some suggestions for responsible disposal of used car seats:

1. Please do NOT bring them to KidSafe.  We only give NEW car seats to our clients.

2.  Car seats over 5 years old or which have been in an accident should be recycled or trashed.

3.  Do NOT donate them to a charitable organization or thrift store for reuse or resale. Employees at such organizations are not trained to evaluate their safety.

4.  Check with your local Target store.  Twice a year, you can bring an old, expired or damaged car seat to Target and recycle it to redeem a coupon for 20% off one car seat, one stroller or select baby gear. Materials from the old car seats are recycled by Target’s partner, Waste Management.

5.  Check www.safeconvertiblecarseats.com for other disposal options.

6.  If your only remaining option is to put it in the trash, first disable it by cutting off the straps so that no one going through your trash is tempted to reuse or resell it.